When Hosting is Hostile: The Lost Art...

Entertaining Vs Hospitality

Every region has its own flavor of hospitality, so the way individual people describe what hospitality means varies from one region to the next. But I’ve found myself living as a stranger in the Deep South, Mid Atlantic, New England, and Midwestern regions and I can say first-hand, we’re all missing the point. There seems to be […]

(Mostly) Make-Ahead Holiday Brunch

How To Plan and Host A Delicious, Easy, Low-Stress Holiday Christmas Brunch, Complete With Recipes

Hosting a gathering should be an expression of love for your guests.  Sure, it would be less work to have a potluck, but inviting friends and family into your home for a special occasion becomes a lot less special when everyone is required to bring something.  Your guests will have a more pleasant experience, and so will […]

Welcome Basket Items for Overnight Ho...

Overnight Houseguest Welcome Basket Gift Package Items

It’s the best way to make guests feel welcome in our homes. It sets us apart as those experienced in effortless, impeccable hospitality. It’s a welcome basket containing essential items for our overnight houseguests. And it is so easy. Why does a welcome basket for overnight houseguests make our guests happy? Because gifts are always nice. AND because it doesn’t matter […]

December Birthdays Are THE WORST

december birthdays are the worst

I know everyone is busy whistling Christmas tunes and watching Elf, but I’m not so thrilled about the season. Why? Because I have a December birthday. My birthday is on the third worst day of the entire year. It’s on the eve of Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is the second worst day of the year for a birthday, […]

Caramel CocoNut Clusters

Minkspot: Caramel CocoNut Clusters...DELICIOUS Coconut Date Balls (No Bake Cookies)

It’s time to make some COOKIES! We’re heading to North Carolina to celebrate Thanksgiving with (some of) our family. And I just LOVE an excuse to make cookies. This recipe is particularly dangerous because these cookies are so delicious and easy to gobble, I would start LOOKING like a gobbler if I didn’t have people to help […]

A Turned-Copper Green Front Door Pain...

The Perfect Turned Copper Green Front Door Paint Color

The perfect turned-copper green exterior paint color is desperately sought, extremely beautiful, and as elusive as unicorns. Why do people love this color? The perfect shade of turned-copper green is home design heaven because it pairs PERFECTLY with red brick. It’s also something that my mother (who’s designed, built, and decorated multiple homes) has been looking for all […]

Vintage Prints from The British Libra...

Vintage Prints and Lithographs from the British Library

Vintage prints and lithographs are perfect for classic, timeless decorating. Unique and uncommon, they’re fun resources for unusual framing projects. But where can rare, vintage prints and lithographs be found? Some are illustrations that may be found inside old, antique books, others have already been framed and can be collected from antique shops and online dealers. But these sources offer limited […]

The Thankfulness Project

The Thankfulness Project

Turkey day is coming! Plans are being made, the Food Network website is being furiously scanned and bookmarked, and I’m patting my tummy in expectation. The Thanksgiving holiday approaches. It’s my FAVORITE holiday, because it’s about gathering around our families and friends, sitting down to fellowship around a meal, coming together and giving thanks for a […]

100+ Excellent Movies for Kids and Fa...

100 Family Excellent Friendly Movies Appropriate for Kids

I’m a parent. Therefore, I’m an infinitely busy person with too much to do. And so every time Friday night rolls around and my family is ready to sit down to enjoy a movie and popcorn together, I have a miniature panic attack. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve picked out a movie […]

Megan’s Wedding at Goddard Chap...

Megan's Wedding In A Little Country Chapel

There are four momentous events in life, and they are birth, baptism, marriage, and death. All of them are a communion with the Creator and a celebration of new life and new beginnings. But the marriage ceremony, the joining of a man and woman – which mirrors the deeply mystical relationship of Christ to His church […]